Papertowns Movie Adaption!

With The Fault in our Stars doing so well in theaters FOX has decided to buy the movie rights for another one of John Green’s best-selling novels, Papertowns. The film has already cast Nat Wolff (Isaac in TFIOS) to play the leader role of Quentin Jacobsen. However, no other actors have been cast and although there is currently no director tied to the movie there is the good possibility Josh Boone (TFIOS directer) will take it on.

So what else can you expect? Another heartwarming story that bottles up the essence of coming of age, falling in love and everything in between. Paper Towns follows Quentin Jacobsen—also known as Q—as he follows clues left by Margo, his missing neighbor, who he also happens to be in love with. Paper Towns also has an incredible supporting cast of characters in Q’s quirky social circle: Radar—who runs a site similar to Wikipedia—and Ben, a girl-crazy best friend who’s obsessed with landing a date to prom.

The story keeps you on your toes with the mystery of Margo—and it’s one of desperation all too reminiscent of Hazel and Gus’ journey to Amsterdam.

It has also been teased that the ending of the film will be tweaked slightly in other to give the reader a bigger sense of closure. There is no official date set for when this movie will hit the box office but stay tuned nerdfighters!


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