City of Heavenly Fire Spoiler Free Review!



I am coming.

Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world. As their society falls apart around them, Clary, Jace, Simon and their friends must band together to fight the greatest evil the Nephilim have ever faced: Clary’s own brother. Nothing in the world can defeat him — must they journey to another world to find the chance?

My Review:

*Warning: This is only spoiler free if you have read all of the books leading up to COHF*

Well shadowhunters the time has finally come! After two long years of waiting we finally have the sixth and final book in The Mortal Instruments series! This book was such a pleasure for me to read because Cassandra Clare is such a fantastic author! She really knows how to create to a thrilling, intriguing world that even the most mundane people want to live in!


I am coming.

And come he did! This was set only a couple of weeks after City of Lost Souls and Clare does not hesitate to throw you right back into the action! The book was so intense and riveting; you will not want to put the book down once you start!

Something I will always applaud Clare for is her character development. It was so evident in the entire series but especially this book. I noticed it a lot in some side characters like Simon and Alec. You don’t really realize it at the time, but looking back to some of the earlier books (like City of Bones or City of Ashes) these two have really grown into some strong, independent characters.

Now there were something’s that we knew about the book going into it from Cassandra Clare’s tweets:

  • Six characters that we know by name are going to die.
  • A couple will be separated forever.
  • A boyfriend will die.
  • There is a death of a major character very early on in the book.
  • A character will die trying to save another character.
  • The name of a chapter is Simon’s Sacrifice.

Needless to say I was terrified going into this book! I had no idea what to expect! I hate to admit it but Cassandra Clare handled all of the deaths beautifully. I felt that everyone that did die died for a purpose and there were no unnecessary. And although some I mourned over and others well… I didn’t, I fully understand why they had to die and I have come to terms with it.

And the big question is: What happens with Malec? After City of Lost Souls, sadly our Malec ship has sunk. But this was only temporary… hopefully? Well, all I have to say about that is, what happens with Malec in COHF is definitely for the best. And if you want to know what that means, read the book!

We are also introduced to some new characters like Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn children. These names sound familiar? That’s because they will be the main characters in Cassandra Clare’s upcoming shadowhunter trilogy, The Dark Artifices. This series takes place five years after City of Heavenly Fire in the Los Angeles institute. The first book is titled Lady Midnight, and it expected to be published March of 2015. I was aware that these characters were going to be a part of COHF but I didn’t realize how big of a part that would be. These children are so strong-willed and all unique, that they quickly grab your affection.  And now I’m even more excited for TDA, to learn more about this group of shadowhunters and their stories.

Overall, I loved this book so much and it was both heartbreaking and heartwarming for it to come to an end. Now I’m not going to spoil anything for the end. But it was one of the most perfect sad, happy endings I’ve ever read. The only one preceding it was Clockwork Princess’s. I have grown so attached to all of the characters over the course of the books and it was so sad to say goodbye. Honestly, my only complaint for this book would be that it needed to be longer! I know 725 pages is a lot, but I’m not ready to bid farewell just yet. I have laughed a lot, cried a lot, and had my heart broken and pieced back together a lot throughout this series and I will never forget it. Jace, Clary, and the rest of the group will always hold a special place in my heart.

Ave atque vale The Mortal Instruments.


*Warning this section will contain spoilers if you have not read the entire Infernal Devices trilogy*

Okay, so after reading the epilogue of Clockwork Princess we know that Jem becomes human again sometime during the course of COHF, but the question is when? And we also know from reading snippets of COHF that both Tessa and Jem make appearances in the book.


“Okayyyy,” Isabelle said in a low voice, “When did Brother Zachariah get hot?”

“Clary,” Jocelyn said. “I want you to meet Tessa Gray.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I was so excited to read more about these characters because I loved them so much in TID! But after finishing COHF, I wish they would have played a larger role than they did. Now I know that their story is over, and this is Clary and Jace’s story now, but I can’t help it! However, it was nice to see them even if it was only briefly and I will keep my fingers crossed that they show up in TDA!


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